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:iconpesterle:pesterle posted a status
it has been over 3 months since I did anything at all with my camera.  I still am finding it daunting to even do so.  I hope that I'll be able to do something productive sometime in the future, but I don't have anything planned for the coming months.

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FabulaPhoto Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2017  Hobbyist Photographer
When I need some inspiration, I browse on here. Hope it finds you!
eegariM Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2017
Don't force yourself, do what is fun to you. If photography isn't fun to you right now, you don't need to go out. Just wait until you feel like having fun going out and capturing scenes again. ;)
TearsofTurquoise Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2017  Student General Artist
Best wishes! Sometimes it's nice to just get out and take in something beautiful without a camera, it often brings more to the experience
Nocturn02 Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
that's fine :) take your time :D
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